Next Repair Cafes: 


Saturday, July 18        10:00 – 1:30

Saturday, Aug. 15        10:00 – 1:30    

Saturday, Sept. 19       10:00 – 1:30  


Find us at the Oak Park Senior Citizens Center,

414 S. Oak Park Ave.  Oak Park    

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Starting in April – We Do Bikes

Beginning with this month’s Repair Cafe, we’re now able to offer bike repair expertise.  We’re not talking major repairs here – we’ll leave that to the experts at your local bike store.

But if you’d like to do MINOR bike repairs, our bike folks can help you learn to:

  • Do a quick safety check to make sure your ride is in good working order
  • Inflate your tires
  • Do minor gear and brake adjustments
  • Adjust the seat and handlebars

As with all Repair Cafe repairs, if any parts are needed you’ll have to provide them.  The Repair Cafe does not provide bike parts.

Hope to see you and your bike soon!!


Welcome to the Oak Park Repair Cafe!


What is Repair Cafe?
      •  Repairing things together, keeping them out of landfills
      •  Receiving expert advice
      •  Meeting each other and being inspired


Repair Cafes are free meeting places, and they’re all about fixing things, rather than throwing them away.

At the Repair Cafe, you’ll find the tools and materials to help you make any repairs you need.


You’ll also find repair specialists to help you in areas such as:

      •  Electricians
      •  Seamstresses
      •  Jewelry experts
      •  Carpenters
      •  General fix-it folks


2014 Stats

Result Count Percent of Total
Fixed 172 63%
Partially Fixed 28 10%
Not Fixed 72 26%

Most Popular Items brought in by Category

2014 Pie

Number of Items Received by Month

2014 Bar

The Repair Cafe Mission


  • „We throw away vast amounts of stuff!  Even things with almost nothing wrong, which could get a new lease on life after a simple repair.
  • „Trouble is, lots of people have forgotten that they can repair things themselves or they no longer know how.
  • „Society doesn’t always show appreciation for those who still DO have this practical knowledge.